Order Custom Embroidered Medal Ribbons Here...

Price is $7.50/medal plus $.50 per letter. There is no extra charge for rosets, numbers etc. that go on the medals. We can do text above ribbons or below ribbons or both or no text at all - the choice is yours!

CPGear Tactical

CPGear Tactical manufactures high quality Canadian made Cadpat Tactical Nylon Gear for Military Personnel. We Design & Produce MOLLE/PALs Assault Vests, Combat Clothing, Rucks, Duffle Bags, Military Nametapes and more.

Since 1985 CPGear has designed a broad range of unique field cases for NATO forces around the world.  Some of the products we have made over the years include: Laptop Cases, Duffle Bags, NameTags and Insignia Badges, TACSOP Field Notebook Covers, Army Map Cases, Cadpat Clothing, Chest Rigs,Tactical Nylon Assault Vests and a wide variety of Military Molle/PALS pouches

Embroidered Military Badges

Don't forget . . . .we have Naval Rank Badges too! 


In addition to the Bags and Tactical Nylon Cases available at CPGear.  Our online ordering process also offers customized personalization of most of the sewn product available. For example, if you were to order a Personal Kit Bag, you can also get it personalized with a name! This makes for great gift giving idea for soldiers in operation overseas. Listed below is a sampling of the customized Army Badges and Patches we offer: 

If you don't see the Military Badge your looking for while browsing our site, just shoot me an email at mark@cpgear.com - I would love to go over any Military Badge work you require.


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