4098 Weapons Cleaning Kit Pouch

Compact Weapons Cleaning Kit pouch is designed for most small arms weapon cleaning accessories from pistol to semi- automatic weapons (C7, C8, M16, 9 mm pistol).

Main purpose is to house the Cdn. Forces rifle cleaning accessories but it can also be used for storage of other small items.

Comes with elasticized loops for securely holding tools in place as well as numerous small compartments.

Zippers closed to keep all the contents secure. Accessories not included. Dimensions: 23cm x 12cm

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8010 A7A Straps

Extra long 1.5" nylon straps for lashing gear to your ruck or vehicle. These straps are 8' long and come with two hardwear options.

The more economical version uses and aluminum adaptor with movable center slide (Mil. A-43671). The second version is a heavy forged steel cargo adaptor (Mil. MS70114).

Heavily stitched nylon webbing for hard use. 

  • Aluminum Buckles, Metal Buckles
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5045 64 Ruck Multi Frame Gen4

New!  We've designed the 64 Multi-Frame Pack to securely attach to 5 popular frames!  Customize by choosing just the "Components" you require. Or, if you already have your own 64 Pack setup and just want to change out components, order just the individual part you need.  The full kit (all components) when ordered as a set is available at a 5% discount. 

Below is a point form listing of the most important features that have been incorporated into this pack...

1. Multi-Frame capacity. The user can now attach the pack, hip pad, yoke and shoulder straps to the * 5 different frames shown below.

2. All molle compatible. Base pack and the top flap is now completely molle compatible giving the user an incredible amount of real estate to add personal gear in whatever configuration they like.

3. The pack has been designed to accommodate the Canadian Forces issue CTS Butt Pack and 2 of the CTS Pack Pouches. Watch the video demo for instructions on how to secure to the pack. This allows you lots of flexibility in pack load configuration and will also save you a few bucks not having to buy additional pouches.

4. Optional nylon pack liner that is made in the exact shape as the pack itself. Liner will double your ability to keep gear dry as well as acting as a pull out stuff sack. Liner is held in place with small velcro tabs.

5. Available in the Canadian Forces Cadpat Cordura

6. 14" high (plus extra 4" with snow collar) x 15" wide x 10" depth (front to back) 

US/Canadian materials and assembly

History - originally a US design and used during the Vietnam war, it was initially called the T62-1 Lightweight Rucksack. The Canadian Army back in 1964 took this design and slightly modified it for their own use, hence the term "64 Rucksack" or 64 Pack. One of the most important features of the original pack and probably the main reason it has hung in there for so long is the idea of attaching the pack portion to the lower half of the aluminum frame and then leaving the top portion free for a valice or sleeping bag container. Canadian Airborne troops were especially partial to using this pack and frame configuration.

Fast forward 50 years and what CPGear has done is literally transform, modernize and strengthen the original load carrying ideas of the pack but added a whole bunch of new features like "Multi-Frame" capacity!

Weights: Gen 4 Pack 1.7lbs - Gen 4 Liner 6oz - Shoulder Straps 9.2oz - Waist Belt 1lb - Yoke Pad 9.5oz - Alice Frame 1.5lb - Downeast Frame 1606 1.7lb - Downeast Frame 1603 2.16lb

* Shown below are the frames that this pack has been designs to accommodate

A - Aluminum 64 frame. We do not sell this frame. In fact, they are very difficult to find. Every once in a while I hear of one for sale at a surplus store but it's rare.

B - 1606 Downeast frame. Used by the US Marines. This is a very strong frame even in cold weather conditions. Multiple atachments points. We offer this frame for sale in olive colour.

C - 1603 Downeast frame. Used by the US Marines. Similar to the 1606 frame but much bigger capacity. We do not sell this frame. Black in Colour

D - 82 Pack frame. Our pack can be secured to this frame

E - US Alice Pack Frame. Our pack can also be secured to this frame





This video below goes into detail about how to attach the Hip Pad, Yoke and Shoulder Straps to the Downeast 1606 frame.

The Hip Pad section starts at the beginning, the Yoke section starts at 3:20 min. and the Shouder Strap section starts at 7:50 min.


The below video will show how to connect the 64 Ruck (Gen 4) to the Downeast 1606 frame


This video below goes over how to attach the Gen 4 Hip Pad, Yoke and Shoulder Straps to the Aluminum Jump Frame.


This video below shows how to attach the 64 Rucksack (Gen 4) to the CF Aluminum Frame.


This video below discusses all the Multi-Frame components that work with the 64 Rucksack. There is also a little bit of information on the Wheeler Valice at the end. (2 min.)


This video below details our new optional Multi-Frame "Hip Pad". The video goes over the details of the Hip Pad but does not show frame attachment. (3.5 min.)


4. This video below details our new optional Multi-Frame "Yoke". It is not an instructional video on actual frame attachment. (2 min.)


This video below details our new Multi-Frame Shoulder Straps. (3 min.)


This video below details our new 64 Rucksack "Pack Liner" and shows how to secure it inside the 64 Pack.(1.6 min.)


This video below shows details of our "Wheeler Valice" bag. This bag is often used with the 64 Ruck because it fits securely above the 64 Ruck, while on the frame. The Wheeler Valice is not included in the above "component" drop down choices because it is listed under it's own product page.  To view product description, pricing, etc. please enter "Wheeler Valice" in the "Search" field in the page header. (2 min.)

  • 64 Ruck, Straps, Waistbelt, Yoke, 1606 Frame (Black), Liner (Blk only), Full Set (5% off)
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1081 Sternum Strap

Tired of shoulder straps slipping off your shoulders and biting into your armpits?  Increase the comfort and stability of the shoulder straps on your personal rucksack.

Constructed of mil-spec webbing and hardware.  Made in USA

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1148 Atwood Utility Rope

The Atwood 3/8" Utility Polypropylene Rope is a firm diamond braided rope with that ties great and handles extremely well.

Great for hauling, tents, adventure, hiking, camping, backpacking, small boats and more.

3/8 inch x 100 ft 1200 lbs test, 120 lb workload

Full fiber core long lasting and durable

UV, rot and mildew resistant

Colors will not run or bleed

Not Life Line

Available in camouflage green or black.

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8006 Valise Straps

Valise securing straps provided in two versions. One with the standard 1" plastic Side-Release buckles and one with metal compression clamp buckles (not quick release).

Metal slides will not break even under extreme cold conditions! Straps provided are 5 ft long and are made from 1" nylon webbing.

Two straps per package. Available in Olive.

  • Plastic, Metal

1145 SportEar XPro Ear Plugz

The SportEar XPro Plugz brings unparalleled comfort in an earplug with soft medical-grade silicone and multi-flange design.

Your hearing remains protected without interfering with your ability to hear what’s going on around you in the field. Safe sound levels are allowed to pass through while potentially harmful noise levels above 85dB are reduced.

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 19 dB with the valve open.

NRR of 25 dB with the valve closed.

Washable & Reusable. Great for soldiers, construction workers, heavy equipment operators and more…

Available in Black

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6055 Canteen Straw

Simple and inexpensive way to retrofit your issued canteen into a hands-free hydration system.

Canteen screw top fitting with drinking straw can be used with the standard 1 quart and 2 quart canteens.

Colour Olive.

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3039 Insulated Hydration Pack

We’ve taken one of our best sellers and made it even better! Updated to accommodate the Source 3L Bladder, sold separately, (will fit any similarly sized bladder such as Camelbak 3L Omega, Nalgene 3L, Platypus, etc).

We have also improved the shoulder strap interface so it fit's with bulky equipment and body armour.

Insulated with close cell foam to ensure that your water will keep cool or help prevent freezing in a range of temperature extremes. Heavy-duty #10 zipper provides easy access to refill or clean the hydration bladder.

External MOLLE/PALS webbing allows for any modular pouches to be attached.

Constructed of Cordura nylon, mil-spec webbing and hardware. 

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3040 Insulated hydration Tube Cover

The CPGear tube cover will prevent the transparent blue tubes from standing out on your field equipment. It'll also keep the water flowing when the temperatures start to drop in the winter.

Can be worn comfortable through clothing to maximize the body’s ability to keep the hydration system working. Velcro closes along entire length of tube.

Hydration bladder and drinking tube not included.

Available in Cadpat Woodland. Other colours available when ordering in quantity. (minimum 20 units)

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8030 Tac-Vest Hydration Harness

The CPGear Tac-Vest Hydration Harness is designed to seamlessly integrated with the issued CF Tac-Vest. It eliminates the need to carry a separate hydration backpack and better balances the vest to prevent the front from riding down when loaded with mags and equipment.

Back panel is lined with moisture wicking dri-lex mesh fabric to keep user dry and comfortable. Bladder pouch is Designed to fit the 3L Source Hydration Bladder (sold separately).

Rear of hydration pouch features daisy chain and MOLLE/PALS webbing for additional pouch attachment. Drag handle on hydration harness is built to withstand the rigors of combat casualty extraction.

Constructed of durable Cordura nylon, mil-spec webbing and hardware.

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3034 Modular Universal Hydration System Carrier - 3L

This Modular Universal Hydration System Carrier is designed to fit the complete 3L Hydration System. (Bladder not Included).

We have added additional Velcro on outside for attaching various patches or Nametapes. Exterior PALS/MOLLE webbing allows for various pouches to be attached to the front of the unit. In addition, Molle/PALS on reverse allows carrier to be connected to other packs via 2 large Malice Clips. 1.5” shoulder webbing straps allows the carrier to act as a stand alone pack

Straps quickly detach from D-Ring anchors and can be stowed inside the carrier. Requires 2 Malice Clips (Not Included)

Dimensions: 19cm Wide x 44cm Tall x 7.5cm Deep.

Constructed of Mil-Spec Cordura Nylon, Webbing and Hardware. 

Others colours available (minimum 20 units) 


6038 Canteen Cup

Heavy gauge stainless steel cup fits the standard issue 1 quart canteen. Folding butterfly handle on side allows for cup to be handled when holding hot liquids.

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6051 1 Quart Canteen Bottle

1 Quart Canteen Water Bottle has been standard issue to US and Canadian Forces for many decades now.

Constructed of rugged polyethylene plastic to meet the requirements of MIL-C-4310310.

NATO Stock Number NSN 8465-01-115-0026.

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6004 2 Quart Canteen

Despite the large variety of Canteen water bottles out there, the 2 quart collapsible canteen still finds a place in the load-out of many troops. 

Can be stowed on the CF Tac-Vest's C9 pouch.  Collapsible design prevents sloshing noise.  Threads on the canteen's neck are compatible with the NBC cap which is available readily through the CF supply system.

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6057 3L Source Hydration Bladder

High performance 3L hydration reservoir system. Exclusive 3 layer coextruded Polyethylene construction with Taste-Free™, low maintenance, Glass-Like™ liner.

  • Integrated Grunge-Guard™ antimicrobial.
  • Patented leakproof wide slide opening for easy cleaning, draining, ice insertion.
  • Tube Cover Insulates and blocks UV-light. Water stays cool and bacteria free from first to last sip.
  • QMT™ Source Quick Mate Technology hose fitting offers push button convenience, no leakage, offers click-in compatibility with USMC Miox filter system.
  • Patented push/pull Storm Valve™ requires no biting, delivers 25% higher flow than bite designs. Integrated valve shut-off.
  • Dirt Shield™ valve cover. 

Dimensions: Length 43.cm x Width 21cm x Depth 3cm

Colour: Olive Bladder with Coyote Brown Cap/Hose

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2071 Field Washbasin - Zippered

Replace your issued clunky plastic wash basin with this lightweight, collapsible version.

In addition to performing as a collapsible waterproof wash basin, it also makes a great container for holding weapon parts during field cleaning, especially at night.

Case has a 1/8" shock cord for hanging, or securing the basin when rolled.


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1019 Modular Fighting Order Carrier Rig (MOFOCr)

The MoFOCR Tactical Vest is built from the ground up with combat operations in mind. Proven as a versatile, comfortable and extremely durable rig during operations in Afghanistan and Iraq by Canadian and US troops. Our hybrid design combines the best features of a Tactical Assault Vest and a Chest Rig. MoFOCr stands for "Modular Fighting Order Carrier Rig"


The MoFOCR is tailored to work with body armour. The modular design allows for load-out configuration based on mission requirements. Listed below the video are some pre-configured Vest Load-Out possibilities?


RifleMan's Rig Loadout (Shown below)

  • (A) 3 x 3-2 Ammo Mag Pouch (#4005)
  • (B) 1 x IFAK Pouch (#4004)
  • (C) 1 x Utility Pouch (#4031)



C6-C9 Gunner Loadout (Shown below)

  • (D) 2 x 200 Round C9 Pouch (#4045)
  • (B) 1 x IFAK Pouch (#4004)
  • (C) 1 x Utility Pouch (#4031)
  • (E) 1 x 100 Round C9 Pouch(#4032)



Commanders Kit Loadout (Shown below)

  • (A) 3 x 3-2 Ammo Mag Pouch (#4005)
  • (B) 1 x IFAK Pouch (#4004)
  • (C) 1 x Utility Pouch (#4031)
  • (F) 1 x PRR Radio Pouch (#4038)




  1. Brit PLCE COP vest style zippered map pockets accessible from outside the rig. Internal PALS webbing sewn at a 45 degree angle to allow easy access to PRR Radio, GPS, compass. Could also be used to stow chemlights, markers, flex cuffs.
  2. Drinking tube and comms wires can be routed internally and through a unique built-in channel in the shoulder straps to avoid snags.
  3. Rugged reinforced Drag Handle on rear.


The MoFOCRs suspension allows for a more effective and stable carriage of the fighting load than a conventional Tac-Vest. A combination of a lower back stabilization strap and 2 x 45 degree angled straps connect the rear of the harness panel to the shoulder straps. The overall result is a very stable set up under heavy loads and intense body movement. Additionally, this setup eliminates tangled or twisted lateral side straps associated with regular Tac Vests. The rear of the vest is left intentionally clear to allow for pack placement or ease of sitting in a vehicle/aircraft. Shoulder straps pivot with “D” ring in back to allow for a wide spread comfortable fit over armour.


A traditional Chest Rig maximizes surface area but can be complicated to take off. A traditional split front vest style rig allows ease of donning or removing but sacrifices surface area known as “vest gap”. The MoFOCr vest does not use a conventional zipper or side-release method of closure. Our vest offers an innovative “sub-surface” mounted ITW Nexus 1775 ¾” ‘Snapdragon’ system. This system minimizes vest gap and allows an easy method of quick removal. Simply tug the lanyard upwards or outwards and the buckle will release regardless of load weight. No need to squeeze two recessed buttons together. Works extremely well with gloves or mittens.

Cadpat Desert Available - Minimum 15 units on Vest


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1421 Heat Defying Headband

The Heat Defying Headband will keep your head nice and cool in the heat. No refrigeration required - simply wet the headband, wring out excess water, and wave to activate the cooling process! Made of PVA material, once wet, the headband can cool the temperature of water from any source (from a bottle, river, tap, etc..). The headband will stay 16-20 degrees cooler than external temperature - just keep it wet and give it a wave every 15-20 minutes or so to reactivate the cooling process. Stay cool when working outdoors all day long on those very hot ones!

Two step process:

1) Wet the headband

2) Wring out excess and wave. For first use (or if totally dried out) let soak for 3-5 minutes. Wring out the excess and let sit for a minute or two, and then wave up and down to activate the cooling process. Amount of time to activate the cooling depends on how hot the water was (room temperature water will take a 10 second wave, very hot water 30 seconds).

Reactivate the cooling process and stay cool all day long with a quick wave every 15-20 minutes!

Dimensions: 28.5" x 3". One size fits all - adjust to head size and fastens in place with Velcro.

Black PVA interior, CADPAT exterior. Made in North America.

Hand or machine wash with a mild soap, and hang to dry (should not ever be put in the dryer).

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1422 Heat Defying Towel

The Heat Defying Towel  will keep your neck, or head nice and cool in the heat. No refrigeration required - simply wet the material, wring out excess water, and wave to activate the cooling process! Made of PVA material, once wet, the towel can cool the temperature of water from any source (from a bottle, river, tap, etc..). The towel will stay 16-20 degrees cooler than external temperature - just keep it wet and give it a wave every 15-20 minutes or so to reactivate the cooling process. Stay cool when working outdoors all day long on those very hot ones!

Two step process:

1) Wet the towel

2) Wring out excess and wave. For first use (or if totally dried out) let soak for 3-5 minutes. Wring out the excess and let sit for a minute or two, and then wave up and down to activate the cooling process. Amount of time to activate the cooling depends on how hot the water was (room temperature water will take a 10 second wave, very hot water 30 seconds).

Reactivate the cooling process and stay cool all day long with a quick wave every 15-20 minutes!

Dimensions: ~33.5" x 10.25". 

Black PVA interior, CADPAT exterior. Made in North America.

Hand or machine wash with a mild soap, and hang to dry (should not ever be put in the dryer).

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1210 Boonie Hat Short Brim

Narrow Brim Cadpat Boonie Hat

Constructed of lightweight, highly breathable, extremely quick drying, combat cloth, these hats will provide years of service.

Features include:

  • our new sized brim (no combat sombrero here) which balances protection from the elements with visibility.
  • adjustable retention strap that hides away or can be secured behind the head or underneath the chin.

Available in Cadpat Woodland as shown

  • Small 7 in., Medium 7.25 in., Large 7.5 in., XLarge 7.75 in.
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6196 Camo Tape - Almost Cadpat

Almost Cadpat tape for camouflaging your equipment in the field. This is the closest tape we have found to fit all the Cadpat camo colours (ALMOST perfectly).

  • 25m per roll
  • $6.50/roll or $6.00ea/3 rolls
  • Made In Canada

  • 1 roll, 3 rolls
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1045 Stealth Suit

Stealth Jacket and Pants are sold separately. If you’re a sniper or recon patrolman, the Stealth Suit concept will provide you with an excellent layer of rain protection while at the same time not compromise your outer layer camouflage!

Whilst most folks are used to using Gore Tex hardshell type fabrics as an outer layer, the unique requirements of snipers who must wear ghillie suits for camouflage purposes prevent hardshells being worn as a outer layer.

Most importantly, would be the accompanying ‘whish-whish-whish’ noise of nylon outer garments. As such, during the late 1980’s British and Dutch snipers pioneered the use of the ‘Stealth Suit’.

Designed as an ultra lightweight waterproof-breathable drop-liner type garment that was designed to be worn under a ghillie suit or smock during inclement weather.

CPGear has brought this concept over to North America with our Canadian made Stealth Jacket and Trousers. Weighing in at an unbelievably 14 ounces and packing down to a compact 3.5" diameter x 8" roll for the jacket or trousers. You can even store it in a 1 quart canteen pouch.

Due to its unique nylon tricot Gore-Tex fully seam taped tri-Laminate construction the stealth suit also tends to be more breathable than garments with a taslan or supplex nylon face.

Go to Sizing chart image for detailed information on sizing. Comes in military olive

Product Review below: CPGear Stealth Suit by John Simpson (SniperCraft)

NOTE: As I write this I'm reminiscing about SniperWeek West 2011 when we were treated to driving cold rain in northern California where all I could think of was this item safely hanging in my closet in Georgia.

Short answer, stop what you're doing and buy a Stealth Suit. If you need more convincing, read on...

The Stealth Suit is an idea for a garment allegedly used by British Special Boat Service operators (or snipers) and Dutch Marines in the 1980's. Since one of Simpson's Laws is to JUDGE IDEAS BY THEIR MERITS AND NOT THEIR PEDIGREE, it really doesn't matter to me. So let's look at the merits, and if it's a good idea, I don't care if it was invented by the Cub Scouts.

I'm not going to go on and on about shooting or watching someone in a wet-cold environment. If you've done it, you know how bad it can get; and if you haven't, then words can't convey the full experience. For a good, detailed explanation, turn to Ed Gross's Cold Weather Sniper chapter in the ASA Police Sniper Training and Operations Manual. (If you still don't have a copy then shame on you.)

Anyway, I was in the Army when Gore-Tex outer garments were first introduced to us (10th Special Forces Group was one of the first recipients). Believe me, it was a big step up from the Korean War Era cold weather clothing we had been using up until that time.

Once the initial euphoria wore off, we began to take a critical look and noticed a couple things:

  • The first few generations were made using a Woodland Pattern camouflage pattern. Heck, the 1st Generation stuff used a bilious lime green color in the pattern.
  • The outer was a scuff resistant nylon shell that made a characteristic sound when rubbed together.
  • As snipers we found out that the outer was so "slippery" that, in order to get the buttstock in the shoulder pocket, we had to unzip the jacket and expose our shoulder.
  • The more insulating layers you wore under your Gore-Tex, the wetter you were from your own sweat.

I'm going to concentrate on the whole cammie thing first, because I still maintain that a sniper's first job is to be sneaky, and camouflage is a big part of that.

First, no matter what pattern your outer raingear is printed in, somewhere, at some time of the year, in your jurisdiction, you are going to stand out like a sore thumb. Before you pity me for trying to be sneaky walking through essentially a brown forest in a green suit in the autumn, worry more about the troops today issued Gore-Tex in ACU pattern walking anywhere!

Second, if I had to teach a camouflage class standing on one foot, I'd just say, "Don't contrast with your background."

That may take the form of attaching natural vegetation to your sniper suit, attaching some burlap garnish or whatever. In any case, it's hard to do when you have a nylon base in a mismatched cammie pattern to build on. 

Now, let me address point 4 above by asking a question, "Why doesn't anyone make a Gore-Tex tent?"

The answer to this may be found in a description of how Gore-Tex works from their website:

The GORE-TEX® membrane is the heart of all GORE-TEX® products. It contains over 9 billion microscopic pores per square inch. These pores are 20, 000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times larger than a water va- por molecule, which makes the GORE- TEX® membrane durably waterproof, while allowing perspiration to escape from the inside.

See, the moisture needs to be in the form of perspiration in order to pass through the pores. That means that Gore-Tex basically needs the energy source of your body heat in order to work. Failing that, once your perspiration has a chance to cool off and condense, it turns into the plain old water that the membrane is intended to block.

So, once we know how it's supposed to work, we can figure out that we need to have anything Gore-Tex a lot closer than we are used to. Also, as a side note, the outer layer of a jacket isn't made of Gore-Tex, it just has what's called a Durable Water Repellent or DWR on it. If this DWR gets worn away, then the outer fabric gets soaked and stops "breathing." Refer to the illustration of the layers in a typical Gore-Tex garment.

Enter the Stealth Suit! The basic idea is that you have a lightweight garment with a Gore-Tex membrane without the typical outer shell that CANNOT be worn as an outer garment (more later), but is rather intended to be worn UNDER whatever your outer garment happens to be with maybe a layer or two of insulating layers under that. As my luck would have it. I first encountered this idea after I was retired from the Army and I immediately started to share it with my sniper students. Of course, that was the cue for the original source to dry up and stop making them. That is why I was so excited when I found Mark Wheeler of CPGear making them in Canada.

He sent me a suit for evaluation and I must say it was just as I remembered it. except now it was a welcome green color instead of the original Charcoal Gray.

Even at XXL the jacket weighs in at less than 15 ounces and the trousers at 12 ounces. They both roll up into compact bundles that will easily fit in a military canteen cover. It's made with a Gore-Tex membrane and a nylon tricot outer.

Now, rather than being like a lot of reviewers who leave you thoughtfully stroking your chin as you say, 'Ah, yes nylon tricot... very nice," I'll just add that tricot is what's known as a warp-knitted fabric, which simply means that each thread zigzags the length of the fabric. It normally finds use in the manufacture of sleepwear, because it doesn't snag, is soft and flexible and is more breathable than most outer nylon shells.

Once again, what this means is that you are going to get in trouble using the Stealth Suit as an outer garment. DON'T DO IT! It's not what it was designed to do. If you have a 15-ounce jacket that sheds rain and allows perspiration to pass, that will hold up to low crawling in the woods and resting your elbows on the range, your name is probably George Jetson!

About the only change I would make to the design is to add attachment loops in order to use suspenders. If I had to spend a day walking and crawling in it, I wouldn't trust the drawstring to hold the trousers up. That said, I'd much rather have a Stealth Suit and a rack of inexpensive outer cammie suits than have a rack of Gore-Tex outer jackets in various colors schemes and patterns to allow me to blend in. When you roll in the whole "Membrane closer to skin" thing that I mentioned earlier, it just makes sense.


  • Sm. Jacket, Md. Jacket, Lg. Jacket, XLg. Jacket, XXLg. Jacket, Sm. Pants, Md. Pants, Lg. Pants, XLg. Pants, XXLg. Pants

1038 Foliage Green T-Shirt

100% Polyester Moisture Wicking Material 2-Needle Neck

Moisture wicking fabric is a kind of fabric that is commonly used to pull moisture away from the skin. The fabric draws sweat and perspiration off of the skin and out to the exterior of the fabric. It is much easier for the moisture to evaporate on the surface of the fabric than when it is trapped between the garment and the skin.

Available in Small

  • Small
  • swatch  

6070 Army Type Boot Sock

Thermal Boot socks are made in the USA and are made from a heavyweight cotton/nylon material. The heavyweight GI style socks are ideal for cold weather conditions.

85% cotton and 15% nylon.

One size fits all....


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