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3019 Wheeler Valise

The Wheeler Valise is designed for those extra carrying scenarios when trying to store and transport your kit. This valise is completely compressable with a unique strap tightening system. The straps will not ride or move because they are held in place with loops. An elasticized lid covers a laced-up pull top extension sleeve.

This bag is so versatile it can be used for a wide range of equipment and can even be lashed on the outside of vehicles. The Valise is made out of Cordura Nylon Fabric and is extremely water-resistant. Handle on bottom.

Measures: 22" x 13" (Same size as issued valise). Weighs .77kg. Made in North America.

Cadpat: $109.5

Coyote Brown or Olive Drab: $99.50

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6091 Therm-a-Rest Ridge Rest - Regular

A great field sleeping accessory. With a R value of 2.6, the ridged design traps air in the troughs to provide even greater warmth than traditional foam sleeping mats.  1.5cm foam provides cushioning on even rocky, uneven ground. Superlight for situations when every ounce counts, yet is incredibly durable; long-lasting closed cell foam will take years of abuse.  Stows away and deploys faster than the issued air mattress; which means you get to sleep faster, or your kit packed up quicker when time is of the essence. Weighs 14oz and rolls to 20" x 8".  

This lightweight alternative to the RidgeRest ® Solar mattress is coated with a layer of our reflective ThermaCapture ™ technology that redirects radiant heat back to your body to amplify warmth. 

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3020 Camera Case

This Combat Camera Case is the perfect solution for the active field professional or serious amateur photographer who needs to safely carry large amounts of photography equipment to remote areas.

This bag is capable of carrying multiple cameras, as well as numerous lenses and accessories. The main compartment can be fully customized with the use of padded velcroed dividers and 3 mesh zippered pockets for storing batteries, filters, and other accessory items.

Tripods/Monopods can be lashed to the sides of the bag. It comes with 2 front pockets. The top one has two pouches on the inside for your memory cards, plus plenty of room to carry other items.

Constructed with durable Cordura Nylon.

Shoulder straps are contoured and thickly padded for added comfort, and features a sternum strap.



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2031 Field Shoe Shave Case

Small convenience sized case for use as a shave kit or boot shining bag. Great for holding weapon parts too.

Made with 1000d Cordura nylon.

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4032 100 Round C9 Pouch

This pouch is designed to hold a single 100 round bag for the C9 or 5 Ammo Mags for the C7. Also works great as just a regular storage pouch for any style of Chest Rig or Tactical Vest.

We have place Molle webbing on the outside of the pouch for placement of smaller pouches like 9mm Mags etc. Pouch closes using a 1" Side-Release buckle which is also backed up by velcro

Pouch measures 12cm Wide x 14cm Tall x 7cm Deep. Requires 2 Large Malice Clips (sold separately)

Made with Cordura Mil. Spec Nylon.

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4045 200 Round C9 Pouch

Designed to hold 1 x 200 Round C9 Drum Ammo or 5 C7 Mags. Also acts as a great general use utility pouch for a variety of field Gear.

We have placed additional molle webbing attachment points on the front of this pouch to add more real estate for other smaller pouches like 9mm clips etc. 

Attaches to any PALS/MOLLE platform via 2 Large Tactical Tailor Malice Clips (Sold Separately).

Dimensions: 16.5cm Wide x 19.5cm Tall x 7.5cm Deep.

Made in USA

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4005 3-2 Ammo Mag Pouch

The 3/2 Mag Pouch is an extremely versatile design made to hold a variety of magazine types and sizes. It can accommodate...

  • 3 x C-7/M-4
  • 3 x AK 30 rounds Mags
  • 2 x AK-47
  • 2 x M-14/FN-FAL Mags
  • Smoke grenade
  • DAGR GPS unit.
  • 2 x tapco removable sks Mags
  • 2 x Mossberg 715T Mags
  • 4 x Butler Creek "Hotlips/metal lips" ruger 10/22 Mags
  • 2 x Archangel Marauder kit for Ruger 10/22


The internal staggered setup allows 2 mags in the higher position and 1 mag in the lower for easier extraction. Pouch Flap is secured via a 1” Snapdragon buckle.

The pouch flap/cover can actually be removed and then reset to your own personal position. This feature allows for the use of Magpuls and/or Ranger Plates.

We have included a velcro sound barrier option underneath the flap which disabled the velcro.

The SnapDragon opens with a quick pull on the release tab. Works really well with gloved hands too.

Other details include adjustable shock-cord around the exterior of the pouch to help compress contents. Molle webbing attachment points on the sides and drainage grommets on bottom.  

Attaches to PALS based platforms via 2 x 5" Tactical Tailor Malice Clips (sold separately)

Dimensions: 8cm Wide x 17cm Tall x 8cm Deep.

Constructed of mil-spec Cordura nylon, webbing and hardware. 

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4010 9mm Multi Pouch

Designed as a 9mm Pistol Mag Pouch but can also be used as a Multi-Tool or small Flashlight Belt Pouch.

Adjustable lid can be literally pulled out of the pouch and then reset in place. This allows for extended mags such as 10 round .45 ACP 1911 in addition to standard capacity double stack mags or longer flashlights to fit quite nicely.

Pull tab on closure allows easy opening of lid when working with gloves on.

Attaches to any MOLLE/PALS platform or belts up to 3” wide via a single 3" Tactical Tailor Malice Clip (not included).

Dimensions: 4cm Wide x 10.5cm Tall x 3cm Deep. Constructed of Mil-Spec Cordura nylon.

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4075 BB-2590 Battery Pouch

This pouch is designed to securely hold the following Batteries...

  • BB-2590/U (NSN 6140-01-490-4316) or
  • BA-5590/U (NSN 6135–01–036–3495 or
  • 6135–01–438–9450) or
  • AN/PRC-104
  • AN/PRC-113
  • AN/PRC-117
  • AN/PRC-119
  • AN/PRC-138
  • AN/PRC 148
  • MBITR AN/PRC 152 Falcon
  • AN/PSC-5 Satcom Terminal
  • KY-57, KY-65 Encryption Set REMBASS Remotely Monitored Battlefield Surveillance System
  • PLRS Position Locator and Reporting System RT-991 Buoy Radio RT-1175 Buoy Radio MXF30 (V) AN/TAS-4A TOW Night Sight. 


Pouch is designed to attach to any MOLLE/PALS based platform, Chest Rig Harness or Vest. Design of pouch allows cable access to battery unit for remote device usage. Side-release buckle closure.

Using 2 size Large Tactical Tailor Malice Clips (sold separately).

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4091 Cell Phone Case - Custom Made

Need a custom made Cell Phone Case?

If you are in need of an extremely durable military Spec. padded phone case you've come to the right place. We will handmake you a phone case specifically to the size of your phone with or without the additional protective case that you already use with your cell phone. Cell phone pouch image shown below is made for an Blackberry but we can make any sized cell phone case you'd like!

Here's what we offer...

  • We use all military spec. USA sourced materials like Cordura 500d/1000d, nylon webbings and tapes.
  • We use 1/8" close padding on both sides of the pouch. Total of 1/4" padding altogether.
  • Strong closure using 1.5" wide velcro for a durable secure hold
  • Belt loop on rear is velcro closed allowing you to attach without having to remove your belt.
  • Double stitched around perimeter for durability
  • Cell phone cases are individually made to your custom specifications. Please allow 1 week prior to shipping.

To order just choose a colour and then write in the special notes text field the exact size of the item you want us to make the case fit. See example below...

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4035 GPSC Pouch

Mostly used as a GPS pouch but makes an excellent pouch for a variety of field gear like...

  • Silva Ranger Compass
  • Magellan Explorist
  • Garmin eTrex type GPS units
  • Most Cell Phones
  • Military SDU-5E Strobe Light

Secures with 1" Side-Release buckle and velcro. Attaches to any PALS/MOLLE based platform or belts up to 3" wide. Requires 2 Small Malice Clips (sold separately)

Dimensions: 7.5cm Wide x 9cm Tall x 3.5cm Deep.

Made In USA

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4004 Individual First Aid Kit Pouch

Designed by Soldiers for Soldiers, the Individual First Aid Kit or IFAK Pouch has quickly become one of most required Pouches for the warfighter. 

Configured to have "immediate action" items arranged in a logical order of use.

  • Velcro released elastic loops secure a Combat Action Tourniquet (CAT) and 2 CF/Israeli field dressings.
  • Rear sleeve is sized to stow a packet of Quick Clot.
  • Features two horizontal elastics to secure your follow-on/routine items.
  • 1” D ring at rear is suitable for tying medical tape roll or dummy cording.
  • Front exterior features 2 rows of 4 channel PALS/MOLLE webbing for attaching additional pouches or items. 1 1/2" Velcro allows attachment of name tape or blood type patch.
  • Pouch attaches to any MOLLE/PALS based platform or belts up to 3" wide with 2 large Malice Clips.

Heavy duty #10 zippers. Adjustable paracord allows the user to control the angle of the pouch when unzipped.

Dimensions: 16cm Wide x 19cm Tall x 9.5cm 

Made In USA - Contents No Included

Cadpat Desert, Black, Multicam and other colors available for bulk orders.


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4021 Party Crasher C13/M-67 Grenade Pouch

Designed to securely carry one C13/M-67 Fragmentation Grenade and allow for easy insertion or extraction of the Grenade.

Internal webbing slots to secure the grenade spoon so as to prevent shifting or rotating. Secures with 1" Side Release Buckle with Velcro backup.

Attaches to MOLLE/PALs based platforms with 2 Small Tactical Tailor Malice Clips (sold separetely)

Dimensions: 6cm Wide x 6cm Tall x 5cm Deep. Made using Mil. Spec Materials like Cordura Nylon.

Made in USA

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4028 Party Pooper Smoke Grenade Pouch

The Party Pooper Smoke Grenade Pouch is designed to fit a single smoke grenade or most distraction devices or flashbangs.

Elastic webbing around the body of the pouch holds the smoke grenade firmly in place. Side Release Buckle securing method with Velcro backup.

Attaches to MOLLE/PALS based platforms or belts up to 3” wide with 2 Small Malice Clips (sold separately).

Dimensions: 8cm Wide x 10cm Tall x 6cm Deep. Constructed of Mil-Spec Cordura Nylon.


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4038 PRR Radio Pouch

Designed to securely hold the PRR and other similarly sized radios.  Will also fit the Garmin Rino and GPS60 series GPS units with external antennaes.

Attaches to any MOLLE/PALS based platform. Also fits Belts up to 3" wide with 1 Small Malice Clip (sold separately)

Constructed of Mil-Spec Cordura Fabric. Made In Canada.


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4029 Single Ammo Mag Pouch

Securely holds 1 C7, M-4 or AR-15 30rd Ammo Mags. Open top design with adjustable shock cord retention system allows for quick and quiet access to your Ammo Mag.

PALS/MOLLE webbing on the front of the pouch allows the user to stack other modular pouches on top of this pouch to maximize real estate available for other Pouches.

Attaches to any MOLLE/PALS based platforms and can fit Web Belts up to 3” wide with 2 Large Malice Clips (sold separately)

Dimensions: 8cm Wide x 14.5cm Tall x 2.5cm. Constructed of Mil-Spec Cordura Nylon. Made In USA


6001 Malice Clips

Reusable, high strength and not affected by heat or cold, these Mailice Clips are designed to attach to a large variety of MOLLE based equipment.

Once attached they require a flat tipped object (a screwdriver, car key, knife point, bullet point, ball point pen) to be inserted into the opening slot on the back of the clip to unlock it. Clip will not open until it is disengaged by the user. 

Two sizes available, long (5") and short (3"). Short Tactical Tailor Malice Clips can also be used to replace the old style metal ALICE clip.

Priced per unit.

  • 3 Inch, 5 Inch
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4030 Triple Mag Shingle

Maximize the real-estate on your Chest Rig or Tactical Vest with this Triple Mag Shingle. Securely holds three 30 round C7, M4 or AR15 magazines. This pouch conforms nicely to the curvature of your rig.

Shock cord retentions allows for easy access to your mags as well as a firm plastic rib inside each pouch gives you ease and speed when replacing empty mags. PALS/MOLLE webbing placed on the outside allows for extra smaller pouches to be added.

Attaches with 3 large Tactical Tailor Malice Clips (sold separately)

Dimensions: 23 cm wide x 14.5 cm tall x 2.5 cm deep. Constructed of Mil-Spec Condura Nylon.

Cadpat Desert, Black, Multicam and other colors available for bulk orders.

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4031 Zippered Utility Pouch

An excellent all around General Purpose or Utility pouch that will fit a variety of Molle Based Platforms.

Some of uses that this Pouch has been used for are...

  • First Aid Kit
  • Command kit pouch
  • Escape & Evasion pouch
  • Hydration carrier as it’s sized to fit a 1.5L (50oz) hydration bladder, Camelbak Pakteen. Also fits a 1L (32oz) Nalgene Bottle in an insulated carrier for winter warfare purposes.

Interior Mesh pocket is great for further organizing smaller items.

PALS/MOLLE webbing on the front and sides allows for other pouches be placed on the exterior. Requires 2 Large Tactical Tailor Malice Clips (sold separately)

Dimensions: 16cm Wide x 22cm Tall x 7.5cm Deep. (2.5L Volume)

Constructed of Mil-Spec Cordura Nylon. Made In Canada

Cadpat Desert, Black, Multicam colors available for bulk orders.

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2034 Berry Pouch

Designed by a long-time customer and friend of CPGear Capt. Jay Berry. The Berry Pouch is an excellent addition to the CF Tac-Vest. 

This pouch is designed to insert between the Vest and the C9 pocket on CF Tac Vest. When installed, this pouch gives you another method to hold extra kit like FMP's, Admin. equipment and markers/pens between the C9 pocket and the Vest.

Installed on the inside is a plastic stiffener strip. This strip holds the top opening wider for easy extraction of the contents. Large velcro patch is specifically sized to attach to the velcro on the Vest and the C9 Pouch.

Available in Cadpat TW Woodland. Measures 8" in height, 6" long, and 2" wide.

Constructed of Cordura Nylon. Made In USA



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4092 CTS Patrol Pouch

Large CTS Patrol Pouch designed as a rugged extra large utility pouch for attachment to Molle Packs including our 64 Modular Rucksack.

Features snow collar with cordloc for stuffing in that extra gear. 4 Compression straps (2 on each side). Molle on rear for attachment to any molle rigged Pack, Bag or carrier. Drain hole in bottom. Size: 9.5" high x 7" wide x 4.5" deep

Made in USA

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4013 Lobster trap Dump Pouch

No more struggling with where to put those spent mags!  As a lobster trap secures its catch through a funnel opening, this dump pouch secures your spent mags in a similar manner. Designed to hold 7 x C7 Mags vertically or horizontally.

An Independent Review...

Webbing reinforced collar maintains open shape allowing easy access to mag funnel. Shock-corded adjustable funnel opening allows easy insertion of spent mags. Velcro secured Cordura top flap seals the funnel opening and stows neatly onto itself in either rolled or folded modes.

Malice Clip attachment on rear is fully compatible with MOLLE/PALS based platforms as well as duty/gun belts up to 3” wide.

Attaches to MOLLE/PALS based platforms with 2 small 3" Malice Clips. (not included)

Drainage grommet at bottom.

Dimensions: 16cm Wide x 23cm Tall x 7.5cm Deep.

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8032 A7A Molle Compression Panel

The A7A Compression Panel is designed to compress or cinch down the Valise on the 64 pack while giving you extra load capacity. This system allows you to add molle pouches of your choosing. No more searching through your pack for those small items that you need quick access to. 

Compression panel has 4 rows of 8 channel MOLLE/PALS compatible webbing for placement of various modular pouches. The upper portion of the compression panel connects to the top of the frame with 4 adjustable 1” web straps which can be let out to allow access to the controls of various manpack type radios when carried on the 64 pack.

The bottom portion of the panel has buckles to securely cinch down the A7A webbing strap. A7A straps have a loop sewn on them for attaching to bottom of rucksack frame.

Constructed of Cordura nylon, mil-spec webbing and hardware.

Made in USA

Cadpat only.

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4093 Large Butt Pouch/Pack

The CPGear Large Butt Pouch is modelled after the CF version Small Butt Pack.

Rugged design with a heavy duty #10 YKK zipper. Molle on the reverse allows you flexibility when attaching to various systems.

4 Compression straps with 1" Side Release Buckles

Dimensions: 13” L x 7.5” W x 3.5” H


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4099 Shotgun Shell Pouch

CPGear Shotgun Shell Pouch holds up to a dozen 12 gauge rounds. Molle attachment points on the reverse.

Elasticized loops hold the individual shells securely in place.

Dimensions: 20cm x 9cm x 4cm

Made in USA


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