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Tactical Admin Organizer with Zippered Map Case on Rear/Map Book Optional

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with Map Book:
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New!  Fully Padded Tactical Admin Organizer with Zippered Map Case on rear side.   Provides rugged protection for whatever you choose to store inside. Use it as is, without purchasing the Map Book, and you'll be able to insert an Spiral Notebook (81/2" x 11", with 3/4" spine) and an 8 1/2" x 11" Notepad and still have room for storing your mini ipad or ipad.  The back cover is also reinforced with a polyethylene panel to provide support when using the inside back panel for a writing surface.

On the outside back you'll find a Storage Compartment with Velcro Flap Closure AND  Zippered Map Compartment...unzip to open to interior revealing a Map Case with clear view vinyl top and Cordura backing (holds map size 10 1/2" x 16 1/2"), zippered opening. Includes an elasticized pen holder.

Purchase our Map Book with the Admin Case and you'll be able to protect and organize 40 maps/documents in our 20 Page Map Protector Book. It has a waterproof hard cover with 20 vinyl pages (40 view) for storing maps/paperwork (8 1/2" x 11" in size).  Once the Map Book is inserted into the case interior, you'll still be able to slip a notepad into the back panel and use for writing notes.

 Field tested by the Wildland Firefighters out in Colorado with a special thanks going out to Mike Keough who helped with the design.

There are really so many features to go over with this case, so we thought we would do a short video instead - enjoy!

In addition, this product can be personalized. If you would like to have a nametape to go along with this case ($6.50ea) just click on the "Personalize this Product" image above and fill in the fields.

Front exterior has two 9" wide x 5" tall flap secured pockets. Pocket flaps have internal zippered pockets, useful for storing loose items such as erasers, cell phones, rulers, map romer, data sticks, etc. Top Flap has Velcro for attaching name tapes, rank patches, etc. Lower Pocket Flap is constructed with mil-spec nylon mesh to allow visibility of contents. Underside of both flaps have vinyl windows for holding SOP cards, photos for quick reference of data without having to open the case. Pocket interiors have elasticized slots for securing small tools, markers, pencils, small flashlights, clip knives, etc.

Entire case is has 1/8" padding to protect contents as well give a firm hand to the case.

Rear exterior of case has has a large pocket directly underneath the Pull-Out Map Case. To access attached Map Case, just unzip the zipper on the rear and the 17" x 10.5" Map Case will open. The Map Case has a internal zipper to secure Map inside. Excellent for stowing maps, aerial photos, graphic overlays, etc.

Interior is designed to accommodate our optional  Letter Size Map Protector Book which can be purchased with the Admin Map Case.

Interior Right is designed to hold a 8.5" x 11" clipboard or writing pad in place. Also, just placed behind the clipboard and out of sight is a hard polyethylene sheet which acts as a firm writing surface backboard.

Interior Left has a 9" wide x 9.5" tall sleeve pocket to stow documents, loose-leaf notepads. Lower sleeve pocket has partitions for holding a pack of Staedtler markers in their carrying case.

Constructed of Mil. Spec. Cordura and 420 denier pack cloth nylon. Made in the USA or Canada but definitely not overseas.

Weight: Cover only 1.8lbs. Cover with Map Case 3lbs


This item is available off the shelf in the colours shown below. When ordering in quantity, other Fabric Colours and Camo Patterns may be available. Please email mark@cpgear.com with your details and colour requirements.

"Custom Design"

If your group is looking for at least 24 units of this case, we can offer a number of "unique to you" options:

Not only can you customize your embroidery, but you can choose to locate it in hard to reach places. Since we manufacture in-house, we can embroider directly on this product during the assembly process.

If you like this item but want some changes, our design team can make it happen!  We can modify or fully customize this case and you can choose from a wide range of colours or camo patterns.

Just send the details of what you require (quantity, colour, artwork, etc.) to mark@cpgear.com

Mark Wheeler (owner/designer)

This Vinyl Map Protector Book inserts directly into the center of the Tactical Admin Case shown above. It also provides some stiffness to the case. The Vinyl Map Protector case has 20 pages or 40 views. The case is made from letter sized polyurethane vinyl sheets and should be replaced every couple of years.

If you require a replacement or just wish to purchase the Letter sized Vinyl Map Protector by itself, click on the product in the Recommended Products below.




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